Margie’s Pot Shop, 405 E Steuben St., Bingen, WA 98605

On Highway 14, East of the Hood River Bridge

Hours:  9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily (open holidays)

Phone: 509-493-0441

Mailing address: P O Box 431, Bingen, WA 98605


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  1. Hello,

    My name is Brian Sonnek. I am currently living and Italy but am going to be moving back to the states with the aspiration to get into the cannabis industry. At this point i’m putting feelers out trying to find out an area to move where I will have the most opportunity to learn and grow. I have the benefit but also the challenge of having my options be relatively open.

    I have a few questions, if you don’t mind me taking up a little of your time. Would I need any licensing to work in the industry in Washington? Do dispensaries have their own farms? How do you like the Bingen area of WA? Is going to a school like Oaksterdam worth it (I have small small scale, indoor, experience and a handful of horticulture college credits)? Any help and advice would be much appreciated.

    Sincerely, Brian

    1. I will have you go to the liquor control website for the information you need. The application process closed over a year ago, however.
      Most people don’t go to school for this industry, however knowledge is a good thing.

      Happy Days, Margie

  2. Hello…. I am looking for some edible pot for a friend who is having her 70th birthday soon and has never tried it. She does not smoke so would like something she can ingest. Are you selling that? Thank you….. Lynn

    1. Hello, Lynn, Your friend will get a 10% discount on her birthday. Just show us your driver’s license. We have elixirs, soda, cookies, lozenges, brownies, tinctures, chocolates, so many edibles.

      Come see us and Happy Birthday,
      Happy Days, Margie

  3. We would like to come to your shop to shop…..LOL….anyway, could you tell me if you have a menu that we could see? Thank you…. Lynn

    1. We have a large selection of pot, edibles, hash, oils, shatter, you name it, it is here. I shale take a picture of the product board and post it on the website.

      Thanks for asking Lynn,
      See you soon, Margie

    1. Thank you for writing. You can send a brochure if you like, However, I can only purchase from I502 Producer processors licensed by the Liquor Board. I have a PO Box 431, Bingen, WA 98605

      Thanks, Margie

  4. Hi, Charlie, We now have cannabis oil for vaporizing, oral tincture, creams and topical sprays, edibles, and smoke, regular and high CBD.

    Give me a call 509-493-0441

    Happy Days, Margie

  5. Hi Margie,

    I suffer from chronic lower back pain due to an accident several years ago. I also was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy about ten years ago and endure constant pain due to neuropathy. I wonder if you could recommend an editable that you sell in your store to help reduce the chronic pain.


    1. I am so sorry, but your email was imbedded in a bunch of spam, and I finally got to cleaning up the input on the site. Yes the topical we carry really helped the pain from my neuropathy in my hand. It calmed it down and relieved the pain and swelling, too. I also have some edibles that have CBD as well as THC that work great, too.

      Thanks, Margie

  6. High!
    I’m not sure how I found you, but glad I did. Seems like you’ve been moving around a lot. Cowiche? Seriously? There was a place in Indiana with a more bizarre name; Gnaw Bone. Oh yeah. I found you in Facebook. Somehow they put us together. I did not think to look for Lemberger.
    I’m a reluctant Facebook enrollee. I finally decided they have all my personal info anyway so I might as well use the services. I put up a bunch of photographs from a trip to Ajijic, Jal. MX.
    5 of us spent January there. I am going back March 29th thru May 1st. Take a look. Our rental house is spectacular and there is room for more.

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  8. My bud Jose and me stopped by Margie’s shop while going thru the Gorge. What a pleasant moment. I have been to shops in several countries including Amsterdam several times. Margie’s shop is now at the top of my list for great pot shops. Between her knowledgeable staff to Margie her self, they are the friendliest, and most welcoming people I have dealt with. I am almost 60 and my bud is also older and we felt right at home instantly. If you are a visitor to Washington State and want to feel welcome and well serviced, along with super great prices, stop by the Pot Shop. Margie even shared some of her life story with us. What a great time.
    It was good meeting you Margie.
    Doc and Jose from Texas

  9. Margie,

    First of your shop was the first I’ve ever been in so I keep coming back and second I will be there for my birthday which is 4/20. I was wondering if you have Tesla and or purple arrow.

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