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Just got a Leafwerx order in! 8/8/17

Just got a Leafwerx order in. Those awesome vape cartridges will be back, 0.5g should be $30; Black Afghani Rose(Sativa), Sherbert(Hybrid), 9lb Hammer(Indica). Also got 1/8th’s in of Black Afghani Rose which is my personal favorite as well as a new sativa from them, Sour Diesel. Some 2pk prerolled joints will also be available in […]

New Company “Sunshine Farms” 8/20/17

Just got some products from a company we have never had in the store before, Sunshine Farms. Some notable strains are Tangie and Gorilla Glue: Sky loves the flavor of the Tangie. A gram of kief is pretty good at $21 for 54% THC. Come on by and try out some new products!

New Deals 8/7/17

Just got some new products at low prices. Decent grams around $7, one $5 gram always in stock. Some Earth Rising products just came in; Ounces should be around $150 for some chronic locally grown bud. Stay tuned for more sweet deals!

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